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Duration of Problem8 months

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I am Maria living with Mike, my husband. I have been married for eight years. Like any other couple we were enjoying our marital life happily. But from the last few months, I had noticed that James did not appreciate me or even look at me the way he used in the initial years. Also things had become scarce and monotonous in the sack as well.

relationship-problemsI was feeling disappointed with the way things were in our marriage these days, he simply could not get excited at times and I felt undesirable. He would look at me and I felt that he had a sad and confused expression every time on his face.

Almost as if he regrets marrying me. Not feeling appreciated and loved by the father of my kids was simply unbearable for me.

I just wanted to make him desire me the way he did in the earlier days. I felt heartbroken and depressed and I wanted to see the same spark in his eyes that would appear when he looked at me like before.

But our marriage had turned as cold as the icy winter months and those amazing days felt like a distant memory almost fading away like they never even existed. I just had to save our marriage. But I did not had any idea how I could become the sensual lady of his dreams without being some kind of a contemptible bimbo.

So I sat researching and looked for some effective programs that would help me. I also discussed with my friends, they gave me a number of tricks but nothing worked on him. It scared me and i started to wonder for what was wrong with him. I did not accept it. I was in pain.

Did it affect our relationship?

My life was greatly affected. Mike started to avoid me. I just wanted to see the same spark in his eyes which appeared in the early days of our marriage. Somehow I was unable to make him desire me. I did not understand how to transform our relationship.

When Language of Desire program entered the picture!!

girl and boy Being tensed, I began to search for solutions online. Then I found Language of Desire guide book. When I looked at it, it seemed to me that I should have used it before. I went through the program and its reviews. Everything was perfect for me. I decided I should buy it. Next day gave an order and purchased it.

Explore Language of Desire program

This program is created by Felicity Keith. This is more like an online course that is available in 10 modules. The guide is available in simple to read PDF format that can be downloaded almost instantaneously and is an engaging read. You will find one or more worksheets with each lesson and there are several lessons in this guide that would provide you a comprehensive idea of to get things going in the sack. Each of the topics covered reveals more about how your man things and what he desires. And they will help to transform you into a classy lady of his dreams who would be well equipped to keep him wanting only you.

Here are the main topics covered in the guide: introduction, how to become a sexual superwoman, loving a man’s best friend, brain chemistry and sex, erotic action movie technique, upgrade you relationship status, how to intensify your desires, obtaining you fantasies met, when intercourse is not possible, mastery in dirty talking.

I found just the thing that helped me unlock the secrets behind understanding men and how to open the gates to attraction back in my relationship. With the Language of Desire guide I found the lusty, passionate relationship that I always longed for and was able to repair my almost failing relationship with a new found appeal and sensuality.


Language of Desire has completely transformed my relationship with my husband in what you could call overnight. I am thankful to author.