How to Make a Rabbet Plane

A rabbet plane, also known as rebate plane, is a handheld tool meant for curving rabbets, a special kind of groove, in woods. It is mainly used for slicing considerable amounts of material swiftly. The instrument is generally wood made however expensive metal variants are also available.

Here we will concentrate on how to make a rabbet plane made of wood. Making a rabbet plane is not such a difficult job so as to say and the requisite items are also easily available.

The following is a textual tutorial to teach you how to make a rabbet plane. Here are the things you will require for this task. As for the tools you need a sharp chisel good enough to cut through the wood with easy smooth strokes. You will also require an efficient backsaw and finally a hand drill to make different holes.

First of all find a rectangular piece of teak or pine measuring around 2 inch in length and 1 inch in width. This will be used as the body of the rabbet plane. Next cut the piece of wood at an angle of 45 degree from the edges.

As the upper area of the chisels are generally wider you better cut the area falling near that portion in a wide angle so as to enable it to lay flat onto the wood.

You can also use a scrap wood piece as a guide for the back saw. Then drill a hole in which the setscrew will be placed. Also chisel out a grooving channel at the top of the whole so that the head of the setscrew is well fitted.

It is worth mentioning that before you start make a chisel guide which really comes very handy. You can cut it to 65 degree on an end and 55 on the other having a groove at the middle to fit the body of the plane. Then start with making the slanting cuts on the woods with the help of the backsaw while utilizing the guide.

The purpose is to define the throat of the plane. Right after that make a one inch hole just beside the throat using a forstner bit. Next create another hole from the top and use vixen file for refining the mortise. After that, cut up the escapement utilizing an incannel gouge.  And finally refine it with a sand paper and file.

And this is all about how to make a rabbet plane at home. And after reading the tutorial you will also agree that it not at all a big deal if you are passionate and determined about it. However it is also undeniable that the process requires a certain amount of skills related to working with woods if you want a perfect output.

And if you are totally an amateur and have no hitherto experience of working with woods then I will advise you to first try your hands on some other wood crafts that are easier and simpler in nature and then take up the rabbet plane project.

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