Language of Desire Review 2017 : Does it Really Work?

Missing that old passion and charm in your relationship? The time when he was crazy for you and couldn’t bear a minute away from you? Are you thinking that the relationship isn’t working anymore? Those are the things that often crosses a woman’s head, at some point of time.

You think that you know your man very well? I don’t know if anybody can really claim that but then there certainly is a way for how you can learn that. Women, most of the times can’t reach deep to the wildest fantasies that their men have in their minds. Most of them are too reserved and shy to get down with dirty talking.

couple-kissingThere arrives a time when they simply accept that they can’t provide for the hot passion and sensuality desired by their partners. All of these factors add up to women feeling undesirable in the relationship & that certainly comes as a blow. Felicity Keith, a woman who herself went through a rough patch in her relationship shares her experience over how she overcame that, now offers a helping hand to others out there to make the necessary changes via this guide.

What is Language of Desire?

The Language of desireOnly if there was something by which women could know the secret and understand their man’s psych and thinking, they would take it, without any second thoughts. This guide, introduced by Felicity Keith brings you similar set of perks with it. It has proved itself an enriching program by far. Women can use that much needed information to get a break from otherwise utterly blissed out sex life.

You don’t need to remove any piece of clothing from your body and can still make your man want you like crazy. Yes, those are the tricks you’re going to discover from Keith’s work here. It makes you do the dirty talking (yes that’s a turn-on factor) and trigger the lost attention and passion in your man.

It is a simple step by step program that takes you to the deep secrets and techniques for turning a man ON just by your gestures and a bit of dirty talking. But it is not a program that just teaches you the dirty talking, it is way more than that. It takes you to the depth of men’s sexual psychology. With numerous techniques, this e-book helps you change your mindset & attitude towards sexuality and gives you a complete virtual tour of newer levels of intimacy & pleasure. You can totally make a man go insane for you and frankly, when you get that, there’s nothing more you can ask for!

Felicity Keith

Felicity-KeithMost probably that name is new to you, right? Well, that is because she is not really an expert on relationships, neither some scientist nor any psychologist. She in fact is a very regular mother like any other in her 40s who herself faced a crucial phase in her lifer in context of her relationships. It went all dull with her until she took some measures to improve on that part. It was then that she used these tips and methods to get the romance back in her own relationship and then went on to write this book ‘Language of Desire’ for women having similar situations in their lives.

Bonus Offered

This e-book is divided into 10 different modules that highlight various aspects of a romantic relationship. These modules make women learn how to know their sexual boundaries, how to boost up their self-esteem and confidence, how to bring back the old compassion & desire in the relationship. It offers a number of tips and tricks for how to make your beloved crazy for you and make him want you like anything.


Silent Seduction – It comes as yet another personal guide that teaches you how to handle and manage your attitude with him. It says all about the body language required to top the score. It helps you to seduce your guy in the way you probably hadn’t even imagined. Imagine not uttering a single word and yet make him crave & desperately desire for you, isn’t that a cool thing? With Silent Seduction, you basically master that skill of using your body gestures to drive your man sexually and point all the right buttons.

Done for You Texts – One of the bonus offered with the program is ‘Done for you sexy texts’. It adds up to the number of ways you can express yourself. If you’re feeling turned on, just let him know with the bonus that you’ll get with this program. You don’t really have to do anything in it. Just pick a message at any point of time you feel like and send it. Let your man know that you want him.

What is this Guide for?

That’s like the best part. It is open for any and every woman! Any woman who feels like she is going through a rough patch in her relationship can refer to this e-book and try to make things work out. Virtually every woman who sighs for more love, passion, commitment & sexual satisfaction in her relationship but then they are often shy to express their sexual desires. Language of Desire is nothing less than a blessing in disguise for them.

Basically the targeted audience encompasses almost all kinds of women. May it be married or deeply committed ones or just those are started dating. The knowledge, tricks and guides provided with this e-book is pretty much helpful for all kinds of romantic relationships. Women who feel dissatisfied with their sex lives and miss that initial spark & passion with their partners, this guide would work as the one stop destination.

Highlights of this Guide

This Guide comes as a refreshing change for many. It highlights that it is the brain that is handling everything including the sexual activities too. Keith makes sure that you reach your man’s head and know all that he wants. It diverts you straight to the plan that takes you to the initial times of how desperately he wanted you and couldn’t stop thinking about you. It will make you revive the old times and probably much more than that. People often get the idea mistaken for dressing revealingly or something. You can be as ordinarily dressed as you do and still ‘intensify’ the whole deal of romance and he’ll end up wanting you deeply and have that desire even more to go insane for you. It’s a mind technique that Keith gives you a virtual tour for. Here are a few highlights from the various modules of the program:

  • Erotic telepathy
  • Porn destroyer
  • Desire seed
  • Teaser Intensifier
  • Madonna Moan
  • Verbal Viagra

 And there is much more than that to the program. Take it to know it.

Keith states that there are only a few reasons for why your sexual life isn’t active. The reasons being porn, cheating and infidelity etc. form a solid base of ending the relationships. All of these have been discussed in the book.


There, in fact is a specific section in the book where porn has been discussed in details. Why would a man have that desire to watch porn when he has a partner in life? Women can never understand that and frankly, get quite irritated by it too. They believe that if he’s still going for these options then maybe he is expecting something more than whatever is provided to him. Guide updates you with all the tricks and techniques for not letting your man go for anything. It’ll make you an expert of what he wants and he’ll end up being the crazy, passionate beloved that he was. All it asks you is to open up and bring back the old flames in your relationship.


  • This online Guide comes as a personal experience to people. The author Felicity Keith shared her personal experience in this book and this makes it easy for people to relate to. She also adds up her valuable relationship advices and dating counseling in this book.
  • It is risk free program. Yes, one doesn’t need to bother about whether it is what their relationship would need. It comes with a 60 day money back guarantee and the offer stands if you feel dissatisfied with the contents of the book and the results, you can go for the refund.
  • It is fun. Yes, more than you can ever think! Imagine somebody guiding you over how to get back the intensified romance in your life and make your partner go crazy about you. Doesn’t that sound like fun enough?
  • The bonuses included with the package are really helpful. Something like the dirty text messages is coming as an extra with the e-book.
  • Sex is quite a detailed subject and most of the relationship concerned books don’t really discuss it as it should be. Language of Desire makes sure that every side of a romantic relationship is touched upon, May it be the emotional side or the physical part.
  • It is concise, readable & hence very well understandable. The book has been divided into various modules which discusses different aspects of a relationship & shows the ways for how to rekindle that lost flame.
  • Not only is the book comes from a personal set of experiences, but the content too is filled with practical examples. This elevates the level of understanding to users.


  • There is always a down side to everything. With Language of desire, it comes with it being an online program. Being an e-book, it has to be downloaded from its official website. One has to read all the modules on the computer, laptop, tablet etc. Although there is an option for printing the same, but still one would want a PC and an internet connection to access the e-book. Other than that, it is available on iPad, Samsung Galaxy & Kindle.
  • The other factor being patience is very important. You can’t expect overnight miracles in your sex lives. The process is gradual and takes considerable time. You got to put in efforts, stick to the program, follow the guides clearly and you’ll have results in no time.
  • The fact that this book is only designed for females can be a negative factor for males. Well, there should have been an edition for males as well.

 Final Verdict

Oh yes, it is a must go for! It is informative in its own way. It is probably the best dirty talk program available and helps you know your man & his needs better. People have testified for its contribution for changing their lives for better. If you feel like your relationship needs to rekindle its spark, this is an ultimate product for you. It’ll make you comfortable no matter how shy you are, without making anything awkward around. It is cost- effective and more than that, it comes with a 60day refund policy, so yes it’s worth giving a shot.


If you feel like you got to turn on the flame of romance back in life, you must go for it!

How to Make a Rabbet Plane

A rabbet plane, also known as rebate plane, is a handheld tool meant for curving rabbets, a special kind of groove, in woods. It is mainly used for slicing considerable amounts of material swiftly. The instrument is generally wood made however expensive metal variants are also available.

Here we will concentrate on how to make a rabbet plane made of wood. Making a rabbet plane is not such a difficult job so as to say and the requisite items are also easily available.

The following is a textual tutorial to teach you how to make a rabbet plane. Here are the things you will require for this task. As for the tools you need a sharp chisel good enough to cut through the wood with easy smooth strokes. You will also require an efficient backsaw and finally a hand drill to make different holes.

First of all find a rectangular piece of teak or pine measuring around 2 inch in length and 1 inch in width. This will be used as the body of the rabbet plane. Next cut the piece of wood at an angle of 45 degree from the edges.

As the upper area of the chisels are generally wider you better cut the area falling near that portion in a wide angle so as to enable it to lay flat onto the wood.

You can also use a scrap wood piece as a guide for the back saw. Then drill a hole in which the setscrew will be placed. Also chisel out a grooving channel at the top of the whole so that the head of the setscrew is well fitted.

It is worth mentioning that before you start make a chisel guide which really comes very handy. You can cut it to 65 degree on an end and 55 on the other having a groove at the middle to fit the body of the plane. Then start with making the slanting cuts on the woods with the help of the backsaw while utilizing the guide.

The purpose is to define the throat of the plane. Right after that make a one inch hole just beside the throat using a forstner bit. Next create another hole from the top and use vixen file for refining the mortise. After that, cut up the escapement utilizing an incannel gouge.  And finally refine it with a sand paper and file.

And this is all about how to make a rabbet plane at home. And after reading the tutorial you will also agree that it not at all a big deal if you are passionate and determined about it. However it is also undeniable that the process requires a certain amount of skills related to working with woods if you want a perfect output.

And if you are totally an amateur and have no hitherto experience of working with woods then I will advise you to first try your hands on some other wood crafts that are easier and simpler in nature and then take up the rabbet plane project.

Losing Weight? Tips That Work On Targeting Those Extra Pounds

Lots of people set a weight loss goal, though discovering the right approach to obtaining that accomplished can be hard. No one approach helps everybody, so attempt not to remain also close minded.

Exactly what you ought to do is try a range of various ideas that this article will offer you. You could then customize your personal weight reduction plan.Get a weight

loss companion. It can be simpler to shed weight when you entertain. When it concerns work out, they can motivate you or stand as your competition.

Use the moment you invest in the phone as a time to get some exercise in. As opposed to just being stationary while chatting, walk around while on the phone.

This could be a simple walk, simply to obtain the blood moving. All you have to do is stay energetic as well as do some jobs; you will be melting calories in no time!Weight loss does not quit after exercise; emphasis on dropping weight while you are at job or at an event. You should eat fruits and veggies first while at an event, even if there are cakes as well as cookies you intend to attempt.

Doing this indicates you could still be on your diet regimen but have a good time at the celebration. Rather than making a big to-do regarding the restrictions of your weight reduction program, simply seek means to suit it.Just concerning every person loves consuming french fries. However, they trigger problems for lots of people that are trying to lose weight. If you should have french fries, attempt to bake them. Beginning by slicing your potatoes right into 1/2 inch long fries.

Then, put them in a bowl with a tablespoon of oil and also lightly dust them with salt, pepper, as well as rosemary to taste. Bake a solitary layer of the fries for Thirty Minutes at 400 levels. Loosen these potatoes using a spatula, then transform them as well as cook for about 10 minutes. These taste terrific with ketchup, have decreased calories as well as could make you forget deep-fried potatoes.

Laurel’s Kitchen recipe book is credited for these tasty fries.If your main fitness objective is to slim down, works out that get your blood pumping are more efficient than lifting weights.

Cardio training will aid you shed fat and slim you down and is vital for slimming down. You will certainly desire to lift some tiny weights to obtain tone. Shedding weight is typically extra efficient when you depend on activities that will obtain your heart price pumping.

Weight lifting is excellent for developing muscle mass, except weight loss.Weight loss venus factor could be considered mathematically. One extra pound of fat includes approximately 3,500 calories. To shed a pound, you have to burn 3500 calories.

A straightforward method to attain this is by damaging it down right into 500 calories. So for each 500 calories you consume, you will desire to shed off two times that much every day. This can assist you shed an extra pound a week.You must always ensure you get a great deal of rest.

For optimal health, many grownups require concerning 8 hrs of uninterrupted rest each night. If you’re staying awake to reduce weight, you must reconsider this. Getting enough sleep reenergizes your metabolic rate so you are able to shed off fat during the day.Walk up the staircases.

Whether you have to stroll up one flight or numerous, do not depend on the lift. It could not appear like a huge bargain, however it gets you some additional cardio. This is helpful for overall wellness as well as for weight loss. You could also transfer to running after you are extra compared to comfy making use of the stairs as an exercise machine.Research is crucial when selecting the fat burning program that is ideal for you.

The concepts below just give a little indicator of the various means you could lose weight. There is no instantaneous gratification when it pertains to physical fitness, but the right workout plan could keep you healthy and balanced and also fit your whole life.

My Journey with Language of Desire

Duration of Problem8 months

Explore the Journey

I am Maria living with Mike, my husband. I have been married for eight years. Like any other couple we were enjoying our marital life happily. But from the last few months, I had noticed that James did not appreciate me or even look at me the way he used in the initial years. Also things had become scarce and monotonous in the sack as well.

relationship-problemsI was feeling disappointed with the way things were in our marriage these days, he simply could not get excited at times and I felt undesirable. He would look at me and I felt that he had a sad and confused expression every time on his face.

Almost as if he regrets marrying me. Not feeling appreciated and loved by the father of my kids was simply unbearable for me.

I just wanted to make him desire me the way he did in the earlier days. I felt heartbroken and depressed and I wanted to see the same spark in his eyes that would appear when he looked at me like before.

But our marriage had turned as cold as the icy winter months and those amazing days felt like a distant memory almost fading away like they never even existed. I just had to save our marriage. But I did not had any idea how I could become the sensual lady of his dreams without being some kind of a contemptible bimbo.

So I sat researching and looked for some effective programs that would help me. I also discussed with my friends, they gave me a number of tricks but nothing worked on him. It scared me and i started to wonder for what was wrong with him. I did not accept it. I was in pain.

Did it affect our relationship?

My life was greatly affected. Mike started to avoid me. I just wanted to see the same spark in his eyes which appeared in the early days of our marriage. Somehow I was unable to make him desire me. I did not understand how to transform our relationship.

When Language of Desire program entered the picture!!

girl and boy Being tensed, I began to search for solutions online. Then I found Language of Desire guide book. When I looked at it, it seemed to me that I should have used it before. I went through the program and its reviews. Everything was perfect for me. I decided I should buy it. Next day gave an order and purchased it.

Explore Language of Desire program

This program is created by Felicity Keith. This is more like an online course that is available in 10 modules. The guide is available in simple to read PDF format that can be downloaded almost instantaneously and is an engaging read. You will find one or more worksheets with each lesson and there are several lessons in this guide that would provide you a comprehensive idea of to get things going in the sack. Each of the topics covered reveals more about how your man things and what he desires. And they will help to transform you into a classy lady of his dreams who would be well equipped to keep him wanting only you.

Here are the main topics covered in the guide: introduction, how to become a sexual superwoman, loving a man’s best friend, brain chemistry and sex, erotic action movie technique, upgrade you relationship status, how to intensify your desires, obtaining you fantasies met, when intercourse is not possible, mastery in dirty talking.

I found just the thing that helped me unlock the secrets behind understanding men and how to open the gates to attraction back in my relationship. With the Language of Desire guide I found the lusty, passionate relationship that I always longed for and was able to repair my almost failing relationship with a new found appeal and sensuality.


Language of Desire has completely transformed my relationship with my husband in what you could call overnight. I am thankful to author.

Bonus and Discounts with Language of Desire

Bonus 1

The product language of desire by Felicity Keith is within your reach with an instant access. Still the product offers you the attractive money back guarantee offer as well. The price of the language of desire is only $47 if you purchase it today. The payment option is also interesting, as you can pay with Paypal, visa, MasterCard, American express and Discover to name a few. Continue reading

My Journey with Language of Desire


Sustaining a relationship that has had a few years of time can pose to be a challenge these days. Nowadays people tend to just get bored unless you keep them hooked in a relationship. And all women at some point in their relationship, no matter how perfect it is, feel somewhat undesirable for their partners. This is a phase that comes in the lives of all women in a long term committed relationship, whether you are 23 years old or 55 years young. Continue reading